Karis Pentecost


My Story


My Story

From a very young age, my head was always buried in a book and as I grew older, began to enjoy public speaking and story telling. Very soon after training as an actor, I stumbled in to the world of voice over. I met a TV producer on a commercial, who asked whether I ever voiced anything to which I hesitantly said “no” and she responded with “well you should! Come in to the studio and lets record something, if its any good, we’ll send it to an agent”…..So I did….and the rest is history as they say.

I love a good chin wag and my nickname from my friends is ‘Parkinson’ as I love to know the ins and outs of a story. Whether it be a bright, upbeat and fun childrens Tv commercial or an informative, precise and serious corporate script, I love using my voice to help communicate your message.